Old Soul’s New Look

You may know the Old Soul oak tree like the back of your hand. With its roots reaching deep into the soil and branches extending high into the sky, it represents old tradition with the promise of a bright future.

September 5, 2023

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The Old Soul brand embodies the history of the land and our people who have served it for so long. We couldn’t think of a better time than harvest to rebrand this label, making it more representative of the nostalgia as well as the hope for the future. The excitement harvest brings can be felt by everyone at the winery. Trucks bring in hundreds of tons of grapes starting at 3 am until the later hours of the morning. Fruit is pressed into wine and left to age in tanks or barrels for the promise of something delicious.

Harvest itself is a beautiful representation of the heart of Old Soul. Harvesting grapes from our vines means acknowledging the deep roots that anchor us here while encouraging growth through all seasons of life. The long-lasting traditions of the Maggio family, the respect for Earth, and the diligence it takes to harvest grapes from the vines season after season all contribute to this year’s harvest. Harvest is not just a reflection of the old, but also what is to come.

The new label will depict a detailed oak tree with a tire swing hanging on its sturdy branches. The tire swing represents the generations to come, while the oak tree represents the previous five generations. The Old Soul brand is in constant motion, just like a tire swing, merging the old and the new.

Oak Ridge Winery is committed to sustainable farming and follows the LODI RULES standards. We manage our soil and water and preserve the natural ecosystem so that future generations can live with the land like we have. The new labels for Old Soul are made from recycled paper stock, taking our promise of sustainability one step further. The old materials are made new, just how Old Soul continues to blend the old and the new to create a long-lasting, Lodi legacy.


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