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Harvest 2023

January’s showers brought later veraison, but the grapes are maturing and we can’t wait to begin the 2023 Harvest season.

Aug 1, 2023

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We are finally seeing veraison in the Lodi Appellation after a long stormy winter. Every year in the grape-growing industry is unique – it brings different challenges and conditions that affect the winemaking process. It is by these unique differences that varietals are slightly, or vastly different from the previous year.

Weather patterns and climate influence how long it takes the grapes to ripen and what flavors they exhibit. This year, the Lodi Wine appellation experienced fascinating climate conditions that ultimately affected when they will be harvested. Early 2023 brought big storms with heavy rainfall and high winds. These events were known to locals as “atmospheric rivers” because they boasted daily rain totals of 3 to 4 inches. The spring months were cool and had lower overall temperatures than previous years. The grapes enjoyed the period of high rainfall, but they needed more hot weather to ripen at the pace we’re used to.

Because of the lower temperatures and rainy start to the year, harvest is about three weeks later this season.

Our Chief Winemaker, Laura Durham

“It’s not because of the wet, rainy winter we had, but the cooler temperatures of the season that pushed harvest back.”

Laura notes that later harvest won’t impact the taste of the grapes for this year’s wine. They just need more time on the vine to ripen and accumulate more sugar.

Although things are taking a bit longer this year, we’re still excited as ever. Keep up with our social media for updates throughout the 2023 Harvest season!

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