Hands On for Harvest 2021

We fired up our new state-of-the-art Pellenc Optical Sorter and we wanted to share the news with you! A lot of new and exciting things are happening here for Harvest 2021 at Oak Ridge Winery.

September 6, 2021

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Pellenc Selectiv’ Process Vision 2

The Pellenc Selectiv’ Process Vision 2 is an optical sorter that sorts berry by berry ensuring only the best grapes make it into our wine. This machine can sort 2000 items per second and 12 metric tons per hour. This machine signifies a change in our winemaking techniques. In conjunction with premium vineyard blocks and hand-picking, Oak Ridge Winery will usher in the 2021 vintage with an elevated style of winemaking for some of our premium labels, beginning with our popular ‘1906 Vintners’ Fumé Blanc, which will be ready to enjoy in Spring 2022.

Handpicked Zinfandel

Our team went out to a block of our 2,500 acres of vines to hand pick Zinfandel early in the morning. Our winemaking team - pictured below - thinks being out in the field is just as important as being in the lab making the wine.

Raquel Casity, General Manager and part owner of Oak Ridge Winery, is pictured here doing the inaugural handpicking of her vineyards. Harvest is officially in full swing now!

This is what handpicking at 6:30 a.m. looks like in Lodi!

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