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Our Commitment

The Maggio Family has called Lodi home for over 100 years; roots that deep instill a sense of stewardship of the land, with a strong desire to leave it better for future generations. We farm all of our 2,500 acres of vineyards in accordance with Lodi Rules; a third party certified program created for the Lodi Appellation. It signifies a commitment to rigorous, scientifically sound sustainable winegrowing. Lodi Rules is America’s original sustainable winegrowing program.

In farming, environmental responsibility is a multifaceted undertaking. Our commitment to sustainability is best illustrated by our


Soil and Water Management

Soil and water are the foundation to any sustainable crop, and keeping the proper balance of soil nutrients and water helps prevent contamination and erosion. Regular testing helps us measure the mix of nutrients and water in the soil, and drip irrigation ensures we are watering the vines responsibly.

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Ecosystem Preservation

Sustainability cannot be achieved within a vacuum; as farmers, we are part of a larger ecosystem – our actions can affect the surrounding wildlife and fauna, and can shape our region as a whole. Recognizing that we are a piece in this puzzle is critical to our sustainability efforts, and we encourage the biodiversity of our land with responsible water usage, natural forms of pest management and native cover crops.


Commitment to People

Acts to preserve our land for future generations could not be fulfilled without the right winery team. LODI RULES dedicates a portion of it’s guidelines to the nurturing of the industry’s people, by running a viable business, training and educating its employees, and investing in team building activities.


Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing

All of our wine labels are produced from vineyards that adhere to these standards (in fact, there are over 100 of these sustainability practices), and bear the ?Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing, Certified Green? seal.

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